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Remote camera capture on S21

(Topic created on: 10-05-2021 06:31 PM)
I've been using the S Pen and it's quite good but I've been reading up on it's functionality and there is one feature in particular that caught my attention which was the ability to use the button on the S Pen to trigger remote control camera capture using BLE however the only instructions I could find anywhere for taking photos with the S Pen refer to settings I don't see on the S21 Ultra... and they all talk about the Note.

Your support services have since confirmed to me that "capturing photo from S Pen is only for Note series and not so for S21 Ultra".

Being honest, that's quite disappointing for such an expensive flagship phone...

I have the 512GB version which I thought had everything (I've since learned to my disappointment that you've dropped the expandable memory - I had a 512GB MicroSD card in my 128GB S9+ so I'm a bit saddened to lose space but that's another story), I bought over £100 of accessories (including the S Pen and case to hold it)... The fact you sell S21 Ultra cases with built in S Pen slots... it kind of suggests the device should support all the features of the S Pen.

I know the Note is more expensive but this phone is ALL about the camera so I'm very surprised this isn't in here.

Do you have any plans to add it? If not, please can you make some?
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I believe samsung is gonna come out with a new Spen which might support the functionality.

I currently use my tab s6 spen.

Maybe a previous note use might be able to throw a light regarding the remote trigger if their note spen works on the s21 with all features.

Also you can just shoe your palm or say 'cheese' and stuff to trigger the camera so not really a big deal IMHO.
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Good suggestions, thanks, I hadn't realised there were different S Pens for different devices.

Personally, I've never been a fan of waving or saying cheese as the waving only works for fixed photos not action photos and saying cheese doesn't work if it's noisy.
Hi, as it is an optional accessory, the S-pen available to buy for S21 Ultra is actually missing few sensors and Bluetooth which reducess some functionalities as it is a seperate device compared to that are present in the S-pens that come built-in in Note Devices.The missing bluetooth is the reason for missing Remote Capture function.But in the S21 Launch event, samsung also said that they will be launching a new Spen Pro soon. The price and availability is still unknown. This S-Pen pro may be providing all the missing functionalities.
That is a great explanation. Thank you. Fingers crossed the S Pen pro delivers (and isn't too much bigger!)