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region locked?

(Topic created on: 16-09-2022 01:32 AM)
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I recently moved to the US from Canada a month ago and brought my s21 ultra with me, I got a sim and it worked for a couple weeks then i stopped receiving phone calls and texts wouldn't send or i wont receive any unless i restart my phone. I went to the carrier and they couldn't do anything, i switched to a different carrier and messaging works now but when i try to call the call just ends before it even rings, the new carrier told me it might be the new update with 5g phones being region locked. is it true? if not, how can i fix this?

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It's true that Samsung region locked some phone's but the region lock automatically removes once a phone call of around 5 minutes in duration was made in the region it was released to be used in, and by using a local sim card.

Now I assume you've used the phone in Canada before relocating to the US.

Once the region lock has been removed via the route I've spoken about above then the Region Lock would not re apply itself.

It's forever unlocked.

The sim from the US simply wouldn't have worked in the first place.

So this is possibly one of these reasons or a combination. 

  • Your phone is struggling to lock onto the frequencies and bands your chosen US network uses , although it shouldn't. Check out the frequencies and bands your phone uses via and then check what your US network uses.
  • The sim card is at fault and needs replacing. Test the sim card in another phone, and try another sim card in your phone.
  • The masts where you are might be having issues or congestion issues.
  • Your phone may have developed a fault. Use the diagnostic tool in your Samsung Members App. A Samsung Service Centre can check out the phone.

I wish you all the best. Take care.  😎 

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