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really bad picture quality Galaxy S21 5G

(Topic created on: 27-07-2023 08:59 AM)
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Hello together,

I recently bought a S21 5G as replacement for my broken Galaxy S10. I`m not a tech guy i buy Galaxy phones for their great picture quality which never disapointed me...till now.

I made some side by side pictures in low light (with and without Night mode) and day light condition (main camera all AUTO no 64mp on S21).

The S21 picture resolution ON PHONE DISPLAY has significantly less details and much much more noise in low light thats right in your face while comparing side by side!

Day light seems at first sight same in quality but in details mostly background with a lot of details like trees and leafs from bushes...the S21 AI cripples most details especially when there are some shadow or deeper objects partial hidden like branches etc. these objects are almost totally gone and covered by some AI bullshxt that looks like just plaine color.

I have now a phone that came out about 2 years a go but picture quality is worse than from a 4-5 year old phone. thats a really really bad evolution.

Is there a solution to my problem? Can I turn down the AI enhencement?


Thanks a lot...i hope Samsung will read this.

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That's obviously not how things should be @NemomeN 

I assume you've worked your way through the various camera settings and ran the diagnostic tool in your Samsung Members App. 

Maybe contacting Samsung via your Samsung Members App or letting a Samsung Service Centre may help.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Yes I have had the s21+ for 2 years now and agree at the bad quality of its camera. Coming from a huawei phone who have inspired me to take pictures, the s21+ forced me to buy a real camera. My dog would look awful bec of how it renders fur, face distorted and elongated etc the photos are simply unusable in this era of social media. Not upgrading to any Samsung phone ever.