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Poor phone signal on EE in the UK ? Try this.

(Topic created on: 15-01-2022 05:32 AM)

Go to the play store & download Samsung Band Selection.

Click on.... Launch band selection

Top left corner click on the 3 lines by network

Click on Band selection

Scroll down to LTE B20 & click on it.

Top right hand corner hit the Selection button.

Now check your phone signal.

This works for me on EE.... You may need to experiment a bit on other carriers.

In my house I normally get 1 bar = 116 dBm   By selecting Band 20 I can now get 4 bars = 85 dBm

Not sure how it will work for you but It's worth a try.

Can attest to using this app often to help with signal issues until EE gave me WiFi calling so I stopped using it. My signal is awful at home for most carriers but decent everywhere else due to unfortunate location. If you use the app you can try some of the bands below even if you don't have poor signal as it could increase download speeds.

EE operates 2G on 1800MHz, 3G coverage on 2100MHz, 4G coverage on bands 3, 7, 20 but also 1 & 38, 5G on NR band 78.

O2 operates 2G coverage on 900Mhz, 3G on 2100MHz and 900MHz, 4G on band 20 but also 1, 3, 8 & 40, 5G on NR band 78.

Three offers no 2G, 3G on 2100MHz, 4G on bands 3 & 20 but also 1 & 32, 5G on NR band 78.

Vodafone operates 2G on 900MHz, 3G on 2100MHz and 900MHz, 4G on LTE bands 7 & 20 but also 1, 3, 8, 32 and 38, 5G on NR band 78.

Typically band 20 gives better signal due to it being a low frequency (800MHz) band which can travel further than high frequency bands and penetrate walls easier for better indoor signal. Not all phones are compatible to recieve every band posted above and also the additional bands aren't deployed at every location so often that's a bit of trial and error. You can Google what bands your handset supports.

If you have a SIM card provider that's not directly with EE, O2, Three or Vodafone you'll need to Google which of the 4 providers they piggyback off and also what they offer as some don't offer everything that the operator they piggyback from does.

This may have changed a bit as I've read about mergers and carriers buying up new frequencies but probably not too drastically as It wasn't too long ago I noted this down.
Thanks for the information. Works for me. Went from 1 bar to 3 bars. 👍
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Would this in turn, help with poor mobile data? I have EE and it is great for commuting, but not so great in my local area :/.

Try band LTE 3... I tried all the EE bands. Band LTE 3 in my house was best for 4g & band LTE 20 was best for phone signal.

Try these bands to see which is best for you..... Band  LTE 1, LTE 3, LTE 7 & LTE 20


I did this as my phone keeps not connecting when people call me. Tried B20 signal went from -135 to -109, but if I try to call my phone it instantly disconnects. On EE. There is no 5g at my home address so only have 4g anyway.

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Samsung have blocked this app in the firmware of S23