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Poor Cloud video

(Topic created on: 24-08-2022 04:49 PM)
Hi all,

Well the title says it all really.

When taking 1080p/4K/8K video on my Samsung phone, it looks great on the device when playing it back.

Then after a short period of time, the videos/photos in the gallery get uploaded via Samsung's cloud subscription service (OneDrive) to other devices I am signed into.

All great so far right?

Then when using a different device, specifically my Samsung Tab S8 Ultra, I go to look at those same videos (which were super crisp on the original device) but on the tablet via cloud stream....well.... potato quality isn't a stretch.

Occasionally it's looks at best around 720p, but then drops to 240p, maybe less, then playback stops while it buffers, and again we are the.n back to 720p for about 2secs before it needs to buffer again, lastly the quality drops so low, I just give up.

So I'm using devices like the S21 Ultra, S22 Ultra & Tab S8 Ultra.....all premium devices from Samsung.

I'm paying a subscription fee for this cloud service.

I am on a home network, with a 1Gbps fiber connection through an ASUS GT-AXE1100 using WiFi 6E to all my mentioned devices.

So why, in 2022 when network streaming is such a huge thing, am I getting a such terrible service?

Why is the quality so ***** poor, and why am I being charged a fee for it? This is awful.

Yes, I can download the images or videos, but again, it's extremely slow.

Something is wrong.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm very happy to jump ship to another provider if it offers a similar streamlined service in the gallery, but far better performance.

I'm extremely disappointed in this product and service from Samsung & Microsoft, I expect much better.
So many Samsung products, so many problems...One day I will learn!