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Please Don't Become Apple

(Topic created on: 29-07-2021 09:11 PM)
I received my new S21 phone yesterday &, unlike when I got my S10 & S20 phones, I was a little disappointed.

I loved my previous Samsung phones because they gave me more options than the iPhone. But now it seems that Samsung want to be just like Apple, controlling how you use your phone & making you buy accessories to be able to use functions that have always been part of android phones.

No micro memory card slot. Ridiculous. I don't want to store all my information & images on a cloud, especially if I have to pay for it. I also don't really want to store it all to my phones internal memory because, as with computers, the more memory you use the more the phone has to work to find everything which can lead to a slower phone.

No headphone socket. Horrible. I love my Sony headphones & don't want to be forced to buy Bluetooth headphones.

I run my own little record label & having the above options give me more options for transferring & listening to media.

Apple do not do everything right. They try to control too much of how we work. Please don't become like them Samsung. Give us back our independence.
1. Yes they are really silly for removing the SD Card slot because I was gonna trade in my S20 Plus for an S21 Plus but the 1080P display and the removal of the SD card slot put me off.
2. The headphone jack was also removed on the Galaxy S20
3. Samsung better start giving us our independence back
4. The also need to stop using their stupid, inefficient, battery hogging Exynos processors in their phones and only use the Snapdragon like they should have done years ago!
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Hi @ProfessorDigital 


I do agree that the Sd card should have remained.

I personally choose not to use a Sd Card in my N20 Ultra 5G and instead bought0 the largest internal storage I can afford and use Samsung Cloud and Dropbox.

In my case I've had Sd cards fail and corrupting, and other issues as in the phone rejecting them.

I appreciate what your saying about the headphone 3.5mm jack and I remember many people raising an eyebrow when Apple removed this from their newest line of Apple iPhone's at the time.

As technology and hardware capabilities grows market trend is that people want more  in their phone's so manufacturers have to find space inside to incorporate it all.

It seems the space that this jack took up has been used to accommodate this.

Maybe now manufacturers can find a way to make the hardware smaller so they can re introduce this ! Time and the next lines of models will tell.

Personally I've always used Bluetooth Headphones and earphones i.e Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Live and Bose Bluetooth Headphones, but I also appreciate people want to use their headphones and earphones of choice or prefer to use ones they've been using for a while as they like them and have in some cases invested quite a lot of money in them.

At least special dongle cords were introduced to allow people to continue to use theirs. I appreciate that means another bit to carry around and another connection between the headphones and phone which can cause some degradation in sound quality in some cases.

It's also good that Samsung try to make sure potential buyers of the phone's with no headphone 3.5mm jack option are aware of this before buying so they can make an informed choice whether to pull the trigger or not.

It's always advisable to perform some form of investigation homework on a phone before buying whether it be via a Google Search,  the manufacturers website or YouTube reviews.

In my opinion Apple severely sandbox their hardware and iOS software on their products.

In this I mean they control quite a lot of what you can do which in some cases restricts the true power of their idevices.

Android being more open source opens very much more potential on Samsung phone's. 

I remember when I ditched my iPhone's and bought a Samsung phone and was actually impressed that I could place my app icon where I wanted and not where Apple dictated they should go on their iPhone screen. 

And that was the very tip of the iceberg on my journey on learning how powerful Samsung phone's are with Android Software.

I totally agree with @APARMAR comment on the soc that Samsung uses.

In my personal opinion the Snapdragon soc creates much better optimisation which means the phone handles better along with better battery output in my experience.

I returned the Uk version of the N20 Ultra 5G Exynos version and imported the Snapdragon version and the difference is night and day.

That said I've spoken to people who own Exynos models including family and their happy with their phone's.

No disrespect to anyone but it seems to be phone geeks like me and others on forums like this that typically know there can be a difference.

People usually realise this type of difference of soc when they are having some issues and start Google Searching or come to forums.

As Samsung has supplied phone's in the Uk with Snapdragon soc in them it should in my opinion be a choice at the point of sale which variant to go for.

I'm assuming as Samsung manufacturers the Exynos version it's a cost implication compared to the Snapdragon which Qualcomm manufacture.

From recent Internet chatter it seems the next variant of Exynos soc has been improved so time will tell on this one.

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

For headphones get a converter. I use the USB c just fineScreenshot_20210730-110611_Amazon Shopping.png
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I think the  latest Exynos  processors provides a far  better experience and the Snapdragon advantage is not so significant, though may still be 2nd best.   According to these tests the  Exynos performs relatively well. 

I have had the S21 Ultra Exynos for around three weeks and am pretty happy with the performance myself. Know the removal of  the SD card slot and  Headphone jack were not universally popular but there are workarounds. Not sure the jack will come back to the flagships (with Bluetooth being pretty popular), perhaps more of a chance with the SD card slot  but maybe more likely there will be bigger internal storage options.    I think Samsung still offers much more customisation  and innovation.  

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

You guys are a bit too technical for me but it's not really about technical, it's about practical.

So I'm waiting in my car for my wife as she has gone into Tesco to get some shopping but we have the dog with us. I'm playing music from Spotify but after 5 mins the BMW system switches off making Bluetooth unavailable. The only way to listen to my spotify is to plug my phone into the mini jack port but I can't cause there's no headphone socket.

I'm in my studio making music. I copy a track I've just mixed onto my phone. Oh I can't listen to it because I can't plug my phone into the amplifier.

Little practical things that make a big difference to the way I can use my phone.

I have bought a card reader & a headphone to USB C adapter but a) why should I have to spend more money when my phone costs nearly £1000 & b) I now have to carry phone, headphones & what, a bag of accessories.

So please just keep the Samsung phones with all the options. I am 60 years old & have been using mobiles since they 1st came out. Remember 1to1! There are just certain things that should not be messed with. Next time I come to upgrade I will be looking for a phone that fulfills all my requirements. I hope its a Samsung cause I am quite a loyal customer. I have Samsung TV, Samsung fridge & Samsung soundbar which I sometimes use through Bluetooth on my phone.
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100% agreed everything
Just to add...Within a couple of weeks I lost the headphone adapter & had to buy another one 🙄