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Phones anonymous group

(Topic created on: 09-12-2021 01:01 AM)
Looking at starting or joining PAG(phones anonymous group). 🤣
So I'm currently in possession of 5 mobile phones,and I'm seriously tempted to purchase either the pixel 6/pro or flip 3 or both 🤷‍♂️😅.
Now I'm honestly not bragging about the amount of phones or money I have because I'll be honest I don't have alot of money(chef).
I'm writing this post because I feel like this obsession/addiction is starting to get out of hand.just wondering if there is anyone else with this issue?
I couldn't even tell you why I have so many phones,I just love the different aspects of them I guess.
I've always had a liking for mobile phones but I think when we were in lockdown that fueled the fire for my interest in them,I mean there wasn't much else to do right.
And yeah I could spend my hard earned money on something else,but man I just love the feeling of unwrapping a new phone 🤣.
Anyway that's my post, would love to hear from anyone in the same boat.
Maybe we can start PAG together 😜
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Hello @tinglish 


My passion is various forms of technology with mobile phones being one of them.

I personally stick with one manufacturer with Samsung being my current choice.

Now I typically buy a new phone once a year but I only buy a new model if that model ticks my wants and needs boxes , and brings more to the table for me.

I'm not in the thought process in that I have to have the next new model that's been released just because it's new.

It has to have something I want from it that my current phone isn't providing or won't provide as well. If it does not then I'd skip that particular generation of phone and wait another year.

I save funds throughout the year and usually sell my current phone as I always have a back up phone anyway, just in case.

So I'm never over  stretching my finances and not paying important Bill's to be able to buy a new phone. 

I can't advise you in regards to what you should do as I'm in no way a trained person to deal with a persons thoughts processes in regards if they have an issue or not.

If you feel this is escalating in a non productive way and affecting you personally as well as financially then there are professional bodies readily available to be able to council you. The best thing is to talk and not bottle things up.

For me it would be an issue if buying phone's severely impacted on my life in regards to living beyond my means etc.

Some people get a touch of buyers remorse when making a purchase and then start to question their decisions i.e do I need this. Can i do with jot spending this money.

My thoughts are is I work pretty hard and save my money to be able to purchase nice things, not just phones so why not. 

I hope that helps.

Take care.  

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Thank you for your response.
Luckily I'm not at the stage of getting into debt or anything 😅,and I could have worse addictions like drugs/alcohol.
I think just writing this post has helped me realise my issue,also my partner knows about my obsession but the bills are paid and she would kick my ass if it got that out of hand 😂.
Again thank you for your reply it was a good read 🙂