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Phone screen sizes

(Topic created on: 15-07-2021 10:19 PM)
Samsung pls can you stop increasing the size of the screen on the latest hi end galaxy phones. 2 or 3 years ago you could be the latest high end phone with a usable 5.8 inch display which could easily fit in your pocket. Also the removable of the sd card slot, this it a must as I can store thousands of photos easily. Can you suggest an alternative or maurfature an alternative hi end device with these features otherwise I will have to purchase an alternative branded phone from elsewhere
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Samsung at the moment create a couple of iterations of the same model.


Samsung Galaxy s21. & Samsung Galaxy s21+ & Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra that have slightly different display sizes Samsung Galaxy-s21-ultra-5g/models  

Or a person could look at recently past Galaxy Models to choose from, or one of the Samsung A phone models to see if one of those suited their needs.

It seems to be current market trend to be bigger screens on phone's I believe to accommodate to what these phone's accomplish especially with all the media consumption they do.

I totally appreciate your viewpoint on Sd Cards. Personally I prefer not to use a Sd card and use online vaults instead however I appreciate that many do use these and want a Sd card option in their phone's.

Maybe Samsung will reintroduce one in their upcoming Galaxy Models !

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We live in an age of choice and for me I personally love big screens .
Whether we like it or not cloud is the future.

As mentioned samsung does have the most variety of range in screen sizes then any other manufacturer.
Also lot of other manufacturers are still doing SD cards and even providing chargers and free cases for fraction of the cost.
So yeah choice is there yiu have to decide what's important for you in a phone and go from there.

@ScottMawby: Where SD card storage is concerned, this comes down to increasing internal storage capacities, as well as the availability of cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive. If SD card support is a selling point for you, I recommend checking out the S20 range which is compatible with SD cards up to 1TB capacity, with internal storage options up to 256GB. I do agree that a smaller screen size would be a welcome addition to later models, however current trends seem to be leaning towards larger screens to accommodate media usage and gaming.

Screen size getting bigger is what I've always wanted for these phones. Samsung do 3 sizes in their high end smartphone line, so you do have some choice in this regard. As for SD Card, while I understand many do feel hung up over this medium, there are very simple ways to mitigate its loss. A USB C card reader is the simplest and is very inexpensive and whilst not quite as convenient as an internal card reader, it's still very simple to plug and play. SD Cards are slow and are far more unreliable than internal memory so it's just inevitable their obsolescence will come.