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Overheating and unsatisfactory Samsung support

(Topic created on: 23-09-2022 07:42 PM)
I wanted to share with you guys my terrible experience with Samsung Support.  

I have been a loyal Samsung customer for decades. I purchased S20 and loved it. It was overheating a bit but everyone worn about it.
After latest update phone became unbearably hot to touch during use. I would like to add that charging wasn't causing any issues. Device would overheat while using Facebook, searching Pinterest or watching something. 
The overheating would always be at the top of the device. 
The phone didn't have any damage to it at the time.

While being at work, my phone was lying at the computer desk and I picked it up and started searching for something. It was getting warmer and warmer and all of the sudden a screen crack, a perfect waved shape line from left to the right appeared while I was typing.

My colleague saw it happens. 
I was enraged. As I always was extra careful and never dropped the device. And them That happens.
I was about to send a message for support to Samsung but my daughter for unwell. The very next day the same thing happened again. And perfectly parallel crack appeared below the first one during use while I was holding phone. The device was very hot.

I have no idea how this is even possible. I explained to Samsung that this happened and that I never had problems with or while charging. It was bugging and I had to constantly restart it as it would just freeze. Also extreme battery drainage was an issue.

Samsung response was that there is a physical damage to the screen and liquid contamination in charging port therefore they cannot investigate the devices overheating.

They are forcing me to get those two things fixed so then they can investigate overheating. Despite the fact that the device damage appeared as reason of overheating and there is no Liquid contamination as I was prepared and took the phone on the meantime to another intedepndant
 engeneers who said that there is no issues and that checked by Manufacturer. And they warned me that overheating causes the adhesives on frame to create gaps in the device that puts the phone at risk of contamination and that if the screen has been pressed during overheating it would crack. 

I am honestly and truly disappointed as there is absolutely no help from Samsung. Only blaming everything on the user. 

Any advice?
Photo of the damage?

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung iPhone user.

Current Devices:
  • iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Deep Purple
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds+ > Model: SM-R175.
Phone is with Samsung can't take new ones now . And my prrvious photos saved on laptop at work 😅😅