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OneDrive doesn't remember folders

(Topic created on: 08-04-2022 03:50 AM)
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When you want to sync a folder with OneDrive you have to select it in the "Albums to sync" section. This is fine except, if once it has synced, you then use the free up phone space option to delete the local copies and only have the cloud ones, the folder then has 0 items from your internal storage and thus the folder then disappears as an option from the "Albums to sync" section. When a new image is then put into the folder again (taking a picture with your camera etc) the folder then reappears except is it back to the default of being unselected. This is annoying as it means you either have to ensure one image stays in the folder at all times (which can't be done when using free up space), you have to add a new image into the folder yourself once you have freed up the space and reenable the sync for the next time you need to do it, or you need to remember to do it the next time you want to sync the folder. This just seems like a stupid thing to me. I get that the phone thinks it's a new folder but surely it should remember to sync the folder even if it has disappeared from the section temporarily due to a lack of internal files in the folder being present. Either make it so the folder doesn't disappear or make it so when it reappears it is still enabled for syncing due to it being enabled last time before it disappeared.