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One UI 3 or 3rd party apps?

(Topic created on: 18-02-2021 05:37 PM)
Coming from an S9 to S21 Ultra, I was thinking of ditching my alternative apps as the reviews for One ui3 were good. However have gone back to my original setup...nearly.
1. Nova Launcher (with companion to have left swipe Now/Discover. Had it for years on S9 and now a new feature for One ui3 for the first time!) Nova allows more rows and columns, and themes and resizable everything.
2. Textra. Can just show people with mobiles, and themes better. Samsung and Google messages are OK, but what one lacks the other has and vice versa. Whereas Textra does it all for me.
3. Calctape. A Calculator alternative. Rarely used but the best when I do.

Gone back to Gmail from typemail, which I've suspected of being dodgy anyway.
Changed to Samsung internet that is better than chrome, and can block ads!
Snapseed photo editing, good for raw photos. Power Director for videos.
The stock software is great for quick on the fly changes, but because the processor is so fast on the phone, its no effort to open a power hungry app.
Did use SwiftKey for years but the stock samsung one seems perfect at the moment.
Samsung notes is great. Did use an alternative but all good now.
File manager is good.

Anyone got any app recommendations?