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Note 20 ultra region locked

(Topic created on: 13-01-2023 04:32 PM)
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I purchased a Samsung Note 20 ultra on Ebay as an "unlocked" and compatible with any GMS carrier only to find out that it's locked to Korea and my phone carrier cannot register it to their network.  Went round and round with tech support from several places and they seem to think that it can't be unlocked to use in the USA.  Everything else seems to work, text messaging, internet, etc. but the phone cannot make a call or receive.  Is there anything that can be flashed or reset to be able to use this in the USA?

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Go back to the seller and get your money back

I would recommend that you post on the US Community site as this site is the European Community site.
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It has been known for Samsung from the region the phone was released in to be able to remotely remove the region lock.

You would have to ask them directly.

Usually a region lock is removed by making a 5 minute call using a local sim card in the country of origin. I appreciate that's not an option you can adopt.

However I'd concur with @-Robot- to make arrangements to return the phone for a refund and buy a phone from your own region.

A region lock is to try and curb grey market imports.

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