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My S21 5G randomly died and now behaves weird.

(Topic created on: 14-02-2023 10:23 PM)
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Hello there! So i have this Phone (the non +/Ultra-Version) for 2 years now. It never had any issues and i always handled it safely with original Charger and so on. One day - completely randomly it died. It just turned off with no warning. Then it did not turn back on. Absolutely no sign of life. I tried to charged it and nothing. Not even the charging vibration or percentage. I tried this multiple times. Then - there was something on the screen. A warning sign for temperature. I attached a photo how it looked exacty (its not from me!)image.jpg The odd thing: The phone was not - at the moment it died and not when this showed up the first time - hot or cold. It was normal room temperature and the device was aswell. It was like that for hours. It wouldnt turn on and i gave up charging it. Then i tried it again. This time nothing showed up, but a loud repeating vibration and beeping noise started. I could literally not stop it and it was like this for half an hour. Of course as soon as it started i gave up charging it. Then again later, i got woken up by the ALARM I SET THE PREVIOUS DAY. But the phone was not EVEN ON. I also couldnt stop it. So i force-rebooted it with power + vol down. And - it started! Well, kinda. It was then stuck at the Samsung Galaxy Logo for about 1 Minute, then it went black. Then the Samsung Logo again. And this over and over again. I then sent it into Samsung repair Service, but canceled it once they told me they also wanted to repair stuff that i really did not care about like minor screen scratches! Also they'd wipe the phones data which i REALLY wanna avoid... There were important data on it... What is happening here? I'll receive the phone back soon and i actually didnt try recovery mode yet. Has anyone ANY IDEA what is going on here and what i can do? I may look for a repair service that tries its best to NOT wipe my phone data...

Looks like Meta app installer (Facebook) has added apps to your phone. Maybe after you accidentally initiated installation of them. Something very similar happened to a friends phone.
I'm afraid the only option would be a full factory reset. By connecting to a laptop with the charger cable and going into recovery menu. From where you came preform a full factory reset.
This is only my suggestion of course.
Air bubbles on this screen protector