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Google Play £150 Promotion // Issue with currency

(Topic created on: 02-12-2021 03:57 PM)
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I received the £150 Google Play credit as part of the Samsung S21 Ultra promotion earlier this year. I redeemed my unique code and had the balance confirmed by Google Play within the timeline specified by Samsung Promotion's terms and conditions.  

I've recently tried to use this balance and receive the following error: "Couldn't complete your transaction. Your Play balance can only be used in United Kingdom. See the gift card Terms of Service:". 

I've tried purchasing storage for Google Drive, e-books, apps, movies, etc., (all of which are eligible to be purchased using Google Play credit) and receive this exact error every time. 

I am a resident of the UK (always have been). This promotion shows as being a UK/IE only promotion (see terms and conditions here:

I have tried purchasing on a mobile/desktop as well as in different browsers (Samsung Internet, Google Chrome, Chrome in incognito mode, Safari on an old iPhone, Firefox, Internet Explorer). I have a VPN, but have tried purchasing with this disabled as well as turned on and connected to a UK server. Same error every time. 

I've contacted Google directly and their "specialist team" have investigated and advised the specific Google Play voucher I received from Samsung was: (a) Purchased in the UK in GBP currency, or, (b) Purchased from an unauthorized retailer. 

It can only be an issue with the Samsung Promotion balance I was awarded, as it's the only credits I have in my Google Play balance. 

I've contacted Samsung via chat, phone and via their contact form online and have yet to receive any assistance. 

Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, did you manage to resolve it? Would appreciate any help or advice on solutions. 


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Did you buy your phone in the UK?

Seems like you may be using the Google store from a different country.

Did you change your CSC or rom from a different country?
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Yes, phone was purchased from the UK. My Google payment profile is UK. I'm accessing the Google store from the UK without VPN or anything that might be redirecting to another country. 

I haven't changed the CSC as didn't know what that was until today when you mentioned it! :smiling-face:

I've checked my CSC in settings and it's VOD/VOD, VOD/EUX/VOD. I'm with Vodafone, so the VOD checks out as the active/SIM1/SIM2/primary CSC. From looking online, it seems that EUX as the region SIM might be the issue. Various forums say EUX = within the European Economic Area, which UK is not, and that the correct SCS for UK should be BTU.

However I have Samsung Pay set up on my device with UK as the country, and I'm not sure it would allow me to do this if the region/country was incorrect on my device. 

Could it be the EUX region that is the problem?

I got the phone directly from Vodafone through my contract upgrade. When I set up the phone I had the SIM inserted, etc. So as far as I understand, the region should be UK and not Europe. 


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I'm trying to make a claim for my Samsung s21 and is not working?!
I tried calling as well and it doesn't work