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Google calendar icon does not show date on Samsung phone

(Topic created on: 03-03-2021 05:17 PM)

This is something that has been true for Samsung phones for many years and I wonder why they choose not to fix it?

If you use the Google Calendar app you will notice that the icon on the home screen always shows the date as 31. Whereas the Samsung Calendar app shows the current date. On other phones such as Nokia or OnePlus the Google Calendar app also shows the correct date on the icon. 

I wonder why Samsung have chosen not to fix this annoyance? 

The alternative solution, for me,  would be for the Samsung Calendar app to have a display option that matches that offered by the Google Calendar in the Schedule mode where you can scroll down to see as far into the future as you wish but todays things are large and easy to read. There is currently no matching view option given in the Samsung Calendar app. Which to me is a great shame.


Just discovered that if you use a different home screen launcher like CPL Pixel Launcher, then the Google Calendar icon works correctly, so the problem is not with the phone but rather with the design of the standard Samsung home screen. It would seem to me that this could be fixed with an update should Samsung wish to do so. How about it Samsung 🙂