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galaxy s21 ultra x10 zoom artifacts

(Topic created on: 08-06-2021 05:06 PM)


before a couple of days, i noticed a small tiny hard to see scratch on my galaxys21 ultra x10 telephoto lens, i wanted to try if it affects the photo quality, and i noticed that there is a lens flare in a shape of a line that appears when there is a bright source of light in front of the camera.

when holding the phone vertically the lens flare appears on the left side while the light source is on the right, like in this photo.



**the white line on the left side

but sometimes it appears at the bottom like this.


** the white line at the right bottom side

and when holding the phone horizontally the lens flare appears at the bottom like this:


**white line at the bottom

the weird thing is that it doesn't appear when I try to record a video using the same lens it just appears when capturing photos.

is it related to the tiny scratch or it is a normal thing,

photographers and galaxy s21 ultra users, what do you think?

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Does it replicate in a different light source?

What about normal photos?

Of the scratch is already there not much can be done unless you can claim under warranty.

Worst scenario you might have to remove in post production if its effecting all your photos.

Try cleaning the lens and see if it helps .
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thanks for the reply.

this problem replicate also in other bright light sources like the sun

in normal photos using other lenses the problem is gone, there is a lens flare in other lenses but it looks like normal it is in circle shapes, but the x10 telephoto lens has this problem in pictures only bun, not in the video and that's strange.

although i didn't drop the phone and it didn't take any hit by any object also i cleaned the lens using a microfiber cloth but the scratch still there hard to bee seen.

i don't know if it is possible to happen but before noting the problem  i gave the phone to someone to hold it for me and while he was holding it i noticed his finger  on that lens i think as a result i thought that the nails could scratch the lens so after that i checked the lens and noticed that problem, i don't know if it was before when i bought the phone because i didn't noticed it and i don't have any photos in front of bright light source to check