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Galaxy S20 Ultra update (Android 12 update Problem)

(Topic created on: 05-01-2022 11:56 PM)
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Hi, I have a Samsung S20 Ultra 5G phone. I go the new Android 12 update and It does not work at all, I tried doing a simple task as opening Chrome and its just throws me off the app I have tried updating the app through play store but it does not want to do it is shows as pending. I uninstalled the app and cleared the cache nothing seems to work. Note I have the same problems with YouTube and Gmail. I am unable to find any hints on how i can resolve this, any helpful tips. Thank you

(Not happy with this update at all)

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This will likely be on Googles side gmail chrome and YouTube are all the same
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And of course so is Android 12. Samsung is primarily a hardware manufacturer.
S20+ here that updated to android 12 with the one ui 4.0, I experience UI lags and choppiness in app performance.

I have done reset, factory reset, cache partition wipe.

It must be software related as android 11 was very smooth running.
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Exact same for me. S20+ with no issues prior. Now with update, nothing is smooth. Choppiness when scrolling menus, lag and choppiness in Google Chrome, or email, or any app. 

Plus Chrome no longer adapting for mobile screen.


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I'm having loading issues and choppiness as well. I thought it was the internet but it isn't. I'm also have certain web pages load like they are in the desktop version. Lowes and Walmart sites load horrible. Everything is stacked in a line, sometimes on top of each other where the text is unreadable, and it is tiny. It only started when my S20+ updated this week. 

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I updated 2 days agi and ever since had issues. Phone is almost unusable - cant log in and out of accounts unless I stop every other app in the bckground. Have 40gb of space left so its not a storage issue. Even the visual enhancements have made it impossible to see the alphabet bar on the side of my contacts list. How do I roll back to Android 11


I am the same. I just updated my Samsung S20 5G to Android 12  on Saturday 15 JAN 2022 and now this phone is literally useless. I can't open my banking apps, can't open Insta, can't open Samsung Member, etc. So many apps crashes and phone freezes and gone black and re-starting by itself. I have done all the troubleshooting to no avail. Had a chat with the Samsung tech at 4AM I am so stressed out and I have done all what they told me to but still NOT WORKING! Even during chat it kept kicking me out and phone gone black and re-started by itself. PLEASE HELP! 


Has anyone else been experiencing poor performance while playing games? I'm getting this across all the games I play, all of which ran better before the update compared with after the update. The frame drops are especially bad when screen recording feature - and just as above, it was fine before the update.

I'm on an Exynos Note 20 Ultra, recieved the update a few days ago.

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I have the same issue with my phone suddenly restarting and then coming back on, it started after the big update, i even did the following update but still shuts down randomly and reboots. i haven't used it for many other things so can't tell if i got other performance issues.