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Emergency call during forced update

(Topic created on: 26-08-2020 08:51 PM)
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I had an emergency happen the other day - my neighbor had a heart attack - and when i grabbed my phone to dial 911 it was loading a *****ing forced update that I did not select. My neighbor is dead now and likely could have survived if i hadn't wasted precious minutes trying to find another phone to call from. I'm an adult who paid a lot of money for my Galaxy S9 - shouldn't i get to decide whether or not i wan an update forced on me? I don't care if my phone is less "secure". I am willing to take that risk and not have a system software update forced upon me. At the very least make it possible to stop it quickly so emergency calls can be made! What the *****? Samsung you now have blood (or at least a dead guy in his sixties) on your hands.


any suggestions on a non-Samsung new phone anyone?

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oh *****, sorry to hear about your neighbour!

in my experience usually a push notification comes through asking if and when you want to update and I do them straight away. however if you don't do it for a long time it may be forced but that would happen on all phones I suspect.
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SAME THING. F***ING update forced on me while trying to call the hospital to find out why my elderly mother was rushed to the hospital. Having all this power and software on my phone is NOT worth losing access to make a call during an emergency. I cried softly for almost 10 minutes waiting for my phone to wake up. I spend almost $2K on a new Fold every time on is released, but it's just not worth the tradeoff anymore.