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Emails won’t send from your mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S9 plus)

(Topic created on: 13-09-2022 08:38 AM)
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Hi, we just had an O365 Migration from Exchange 2010. We have successfully done it so on our other devices. I tried to configure on Outlook on my Samsung galaxy S9. The app was Outlook App was crashing frequently. The issue was resolve in sometime but after that i can't send emails through my mobile device. Any fixture for this? Any Suggestions would help! Thanks.


Hope you had read the exact guide on How to Migrate Outlook 2010 to office 365. As this is a complex process of migration, sometimes users do face this issue. To be more precise, you can try to help yourself out by following the below steps.

If your email stops working on your outlook account, here are a few possible reasons why and how to fix it.

  • You are using the mail app on windows: Windows Live mail 2012 stopped connecting to outlook accounts. Windows live mail users must use a web browser or a different app to visit the Outlook website.
  • Your account is not connected to your outlook app: Check your mobile device's outlook account to make sure it is connected. You must be connected to your phone in order to send emails.
  • The messages or attachments are too largeIf you are trying to send a message from your outlook app on your mobile device, the attachment can be no larger than 25MB. If the attachment is bigger, outlook will not send your message. To fix the issue, simply delete the attachment and add a smaller one. If you cannot find a smaller file, add it to your OneDrive and then send a link to that attachment in your email.
  • You recently changed your passwordIf you recently changed your password on, you will have to also change them on yourOutlook mobile app.If you do not do this, you will not be able to log into your outlook account from your mobile device.
  • Check your offline mode on your mobile device: On many occasions, a client will have the problem that their email is not working properly. Usually, in this case, it is because your Outlook has been set to offline mode. If you are using Outlook 2007 or an older version, click the File option on the menu bar. If you see a check next to Work Offline, uncheck it and you should be all set.


Hope this helps