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Call sound issues - others can't hear me during calls

(Topic created on: 13-01-2023 10:15 AM)

Hi there, 

Ever since I got my Samsung Galaxy S21 I have an issue where when either making or receiving calls I can hear the other person but they can't hear me. 

Initially I thought it might be a signal problem but it happens wherever I am, I have even turned on wifi calling to get around signal issues. 

If I call via whatsapp or facebook messenger then it is totally fine so its not a problem with the microphone. It happens whether i'm using the phone as normal or with earbuds. 

In addition sometimes when someone calls I press the button to answer the call and it says it has answered but the phone is still ringing so the call isn't actually connected. 

It feels like it is an issue with the phone and not my signal as with old phone (S10) it was fine in the same areas and no issue.

Any ideas on how to fix it? 

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Good day,

can anybody

1) elucidate me whether the signal booster/extender can be attached internally or externally to the Samsung S 21

2) give some rough dimensions/size of the signal booster/extender

3) recommend a concrete model for the signal booster/extender

4) indicate whether the signal booster/extender works in general or only for certain network providers

5) shortly describe his/her experience regarding the signal booster/extender

6) clarify whether the signal booster/extender had to be used in combination with other measures, such as change from 5 G to 3 G etc.

Thank you very much for your kind help!

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I've been having the same issues, it's been horrible. Following for updates

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Unfortunately.  It looks like its a rip the public off phone . I had a Walmart boost mobile $70  phone on a $50 a month unlimited plan

And had a brilliant idea to upgrade to a $1100 phone and verizon  which i was conned about a rebate i was approved then i wasnts approved 

One issue after another . Im paying $150 amonth for a phone that is horrible and expensive  people cant hear me .  Verizon could care less about customer service and if you default they will just slam you credit score and you wont beable to get a bag of peanuts on credit afterwards 

They know exactly what there doing .  People will get smart and leave them 

And people saying the signal is the best bla bla bla

Its not im not impressed 


Has this issue been resolved yet?  I have the same problem on my S21 Ultra where other people can't hear me periodically (But not always, which makes it even more frustrating).

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I have a S10 5G with similar low voice audio problems. works fine on WhatsApp and messenger calls. 


I accidentally picked the phone up the wrong way around and the top microphone heard my voice clearly. when I turn the phone around to the normal way my voice audio was noticeably quieter.


seems to me the problem is with the lower microphone not working properly during phone calls. does yours work better upside down? bonkers!


I cant believe this issue is still ongoing, its so frustrating and I am also experiencing the same issues for over two months and still no fix!

I have reported the issue and they have tried to sort it out but still the same problem persist, am I eligible for a replacement under warranty?

1 - Samsung repair centre - 

2 - Samsung WEFIX engineer visit 1

3 - Samsung WEFIX engineer visit 2 

On each occasion I have requested a repair I have been told to do a factory reset, losing all my data and then needing to restore which takes time.


Samsung told me its the VOLTE LTE which is clashing with the voice recorder on the phone and I must call o2 and ask them to switch this off, I called and o2 have told me that its not something they can turn off permanently. 

I can turn it off manually but randomly this reconnects and the issue starts happening again. 

My sister was having the same issues on her note 9 and then she changed network from TMobile to o2 and upgraded her phone to Galaxy 21 ultra and guess what, the problem has not gone away and she is still having the same issue. 

WEFIX and Samsung are aware of the problems so they should stop selling the phone and do a recall on all purchased phones and get the problem sorted or give us an option for a refund, this has been going on for far too long!!!

I have had this problem ever since I had the phone.
I am in the UK, on the SKY network.
I decided to google this issue as another phone, iphone se has no issues from the same location with the same network.
Sometimes calls don't come through and end up going to voicemail.
When I make an outbound call to a company and go through their menu, I can hear that totally fine. As soon as it comnects me to an operator, their voice and my voice comes through broken. Sometimes it even disconnects the line.
I have disabled the VoLTE calls sim1 option as someone suggested above.
I have also manually selected the network operator.
Let's see if that fixes the problem.

But by the sounds of it....Samsung is cllearly in denial and does not want to recall all S21 phones.
I know this is an old post, but I've recently had this issue start on my S21... completely out of the blue.
Turning VoLTE call sim one off and restarting my phone solved the issue though. Thank you!

This is just a workaround, not a solution: without VoLTE you are unable to use a feature that you paid for.

My phone problem got resolved by disabling the volte calls sim1 option. Many thanks all