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Bye bye Samsung, I just come to wish you all the best.

(Topic created on: 03-11-2021 12:44 PM)
First Poster
I really want you to know how some of your customers feel. 

Samsung free is bad and that's why many people switch to Google discover. It probably would be OK if you used a decent news app like Google news. Upday is the worst news app ever and the news isn't tailored to you. I might like football but not want to know about West *****, but do want to know about Liverpool for example, upday doesn't do that it just shows me rubbish that I don't care about. Upday, be like Google. 

You allow S21 users to set Google discover by default instead of Free but S20 users who spend £1400 on their devices are not allowed, forcing us to use apps like Nova launcher instead. 

You force us to download Google messages because the default message app lacks Google features like smart reply and Google assistant. You then bring a native one ui version to the S21 but no other modals, why? There are no software limitations. 

You can't even send RCS messages from the default message app on the tab S 7 Plus, again a recent £1000 purchase, forcing us again to download Google messages because you keep the one ui version exclusively to S21 users. 

You upgrade your watch software allowing us to use apps like YouTube music, Google maps and Google pay, but again the £400 I recently spent on the Galaxy watch 3 doesn't get those benefits. You promise 3 years of updates, yet it hasn't been upgraded in nearly 6 months. 

My conclusion is you don't care about your customers who spend thousands on, phones, tablets, watches, TV's etc. The company doesn't have the same values as apple and the above reasons are why most apple uses won't switch ti Samsung. 

I will be fading Samsung out of my life and will be switching to either apple or pixel for my future technologies. You have given me some good times but other companies just offer better customer experience. 

Sangi St

I feel horrible now having bought (with contract, first time Samsung user coming off Huawei) a brand new S20 FE 5G and it's having stupid battery drain issues.. I've researched everywhere, asked everywhere, including Samsung themselves, no answers, no help. "YAY".


Same thing some S20FE, it does not make sense that the Galaxy S10 has Google Discover but a newer S20FE does not. Amazing coordination. :smiling-face:

Every time Samsung do an update my s20 gets worse.. especially the gallery editing and getting a duplicate like we used I have to copy photo after edit then revert original back!!..and now can't add one of my photos to Google keep notes...the company just gets worse...whoever does these updates obviously doesn't have a Samsung phone!! My s9 is a better phone now 🤷🏼‍♂️