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Battery drain S9: Google Play = main suspect

(Topic created on: 10-06-2021 02:02 PM)

Hi all,


Since ~3 days the battery of my Samsung S9 is draining multiple times faster than it usually did (never had any battery issues). The last two nights my phone died during the night, even though I went to bed with 50 or 60+ %. The phone also seems to heat up more than usual at times.

Checked the battery usage directly after powering up this morning (pls see screenshot below) - and it shows going to bed at midnight with around 60% battery, then all normal until about 3am - and then within ~4 hrs the battery drained from ~60% to dead. Google Play Services is shown as the worst offender. (it feels like this is connected to the most recent Play Stores update - where it changed the look/style of the Play store app (e.g. accessing and updating your apps by clicking on your top right corner instead of top left as it was before)

Any helpful advice or tips to check?


UPDATE 18.04.2021: Still having the same issue and none of my manual checks/workarounds has worked so far. Every couple of days my phone dies within a few hours over night - every time it happens the battery usage looks exactly like on the pic below. Something is not right with Google Play Services as it always is the only app showing the heavy consumption. The phone also turns noticeably warmer during these few hours of high battery consumption. I have not found a way to completely disable Google Play Services or at least turn of their background activities. Any advice?


UPDATE 27.04.2021: Since about 10 days my girlfriend's Samsung S10+ is having the same issue. Nothing that we have tried seems to be properly working. Most times I go to bed, the battery drain is within a normal threshold, but Phone is dead in the morning - last night it only started draining hours after I went to bed.


UPDATE 03.05.2021: Unfortunately no change - issue still happens multiple times a week. Always showing Google  Play Services as the only offender of draining the battery way stronger than usual. I really hope that someone from Samsung would look into that and I also really hope that this would be addressed in the upcoming software update for May.

UPDATE 14.05.2021: Goods news from my side - in the last couple of days i didn't have the battery drain issue at all and on top of that since yesterday I had the May update available for my S9. What I have read so far here and in some other forums is that folks who did receive the May update already, stopped having issues 🙂 Please keep me all posted here.

Thanks in advance,


Phone: S9 (SM-G960F) One UI 2.5 / Android 10 / Kernel Version 4.9.118-21315611 (Tue Mar 23 2021)

Google Play Services Version 21.09.15

Google Play Store Version 24.7.28-21

Screenshot_20210410-092941_Device care.jpg


some 2 weeks after May update. Problem did not occur again.