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android 10 kill my s9+

(Topic created on: 04-03-2020 02:52 PM)

Hi, I had my s9 + for more than 1 year but this one never gave me problems when I updated it until yesterday when I decided to update it to Android 10 with UI 2 and I want to say that all my cell phone that never gave me problems now is overheating it is crashing I can not apply the application with the android store without this crashee the same I can not use the clock reboots the same without leaving me the option to do something my image gallery does not have a trace of content but I have the documents on my cell phone but when I enter the gallery there is no nothing shows me how I could go back to a version of andriod 9 earlier than the one I installed yesterday I totally disappoint the andriod 10 seems to want to ruin their own devices to force you to acquire a new reason why I went from apple to samsung please help

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You cannot rollback the firmware via any settings in your phone once your phone has updated unless you use a custom rom but a person has to be very careful when trying this. Look at xdadevelopers website for more info.


Disclaimer 》

Be aware if something goes wrong with using a Custom Rom you could end up with an unstable phone or in the extreme unusable.

A person decides to use a Custom Rom at their own informed decision.


Before looking at this though inwouod strongly advise to back up, remove any relevant Sd card and Factory Reset.


And or let a Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre have hands on with your phone.


I wish you all the best with this situation.




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