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Join the Course! Respecting Our Differences Online: How can difference of opinion bring us closer together online?

(Topic created on: 26-10-2020 06:23 PM)
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Not a School

Are you ready to join the penultimate Samsung Not a School course in 2020, Respecting Our Differences Online: How can difference of opinion bring us closer together online? available from 5th October on FutureLearn. This free course is available to help us to explore new ideas and perspectives and engage in productive conversations online, so if this interests you join the course here


As we’ve seen with recent events around the world, celebrating diversity and achieving equality is still very much a work in progress for society. Within the digital space specifically, there’s a lot of work to be done to celebrate differences of opinion, and using this diversity to build a stronger society. Not a School will explore how we can use our differences of opinion to learn from each other online, and create a place where diversity can be truly harmonious. Technology is inevitably a part of this story and at Samsung Not a School, we’ll explore ways it can harnessed to finding the solution.


What this course covers

  • Can differences of opinion bring us closer together?
  • What is ‘different’, what is ‘normal’ and how can we build a bridge of understanding
  • How does bias affect technology?
  • Do you recognize your echo chamber?
  • How can we embrace diversity online?


Our connected world brings humans across the globe closer together than they ever have been before. Technology has empowered us to hear and see stories from across the globe as they happen, and our ability to access them empowers us to learn from collective experience. Inevitably, with 7.8 million human voices, we will face opinions and perspectives that challenge our own and the ability to see through their eyes, step into their shoes which helps us better understand whatever you are facing.


Join us on this course by registering on FutureLearn and share your views in our Not a School Discussion board.

Not a School

I completed half of the course today and so far I’m really enjoying it 😀. The course provides you with many interesting points to focus on: how to respect each other in the online world of social media, how to make the most out of our differences online and how to better understand other people's thoughts online. The thing I like the most is that you hear points of view of different knowledgeable people that really are into the social media world, from journalists to writers and social media experts. Not only that, but you also have the time to share your opinions with your course mates “Architects” doing little but interesting homework about what has just been covered 🤔🤓. There is so much to learn and talk about and you can really view the main topic from different angles 👍.



Finished the course today and overall very satisfied with everything I learnt. This course provides you with social skills that you can use in your daily life and even in your work place. Some of the most interesting concepts that the course goes through are: what is difference and normality online, what is communication itself and how to avoid violent communication. I recommend it to everyone interested in communication, social skills, social psychology, customer service and the social media world.