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Join the Course! Building Human Connection in a Digital World

(Topic created on: 12-11-2020 10:21 AM)
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Not a School

Samsung Not a School 2020 has already brought 3 innovative courses to help us tackle key challenges that we face in today’s society. Building Human Connection in a Digital World is our final course in this year’s series and opened to the public on 12th October 2020 via FutureLearn. Discover how technology can be used to reduce social isolation in our communities and enhance our human connections. To explore your ideas about human connections with experts and peers, join the course here.


Loneliness can affect us all, and while technology is vital for connecting us, it’s no doubt changing the very nature of our relationships. As our world becomes more digitised and AI-driven, questions around building social inclusion and human connection are raised. Samsung Not a School allows us to have a balanced conversation about celebrating new tech that connects us and tackles isolation, whilst simultaneously exploring the tension of regulation and misuse. By doing this, we can find innovative solutions for these important issues facing us today.


What this course covers

  • Sensing feeling: Why being more digital starts with being more human
  • The transformative power of human connection
  • How we treat our online space
  • Changing lenses in a digital world
  • Balancing human connections


Join us on this course by registering on FutureLean and share your views in our Not a School Discussion board.

Not a School

Completed this and really enjoyed it!