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How do online communities help us grow?

(Topic created on: 28-09-2020 03:38 PM)
Helping Hand
Not a School

Online communities JH.PNGAs I'm sure you can guess, we whole-heartedly recognise the importance of Online Communities. This is exactly why we created this space for you to connect about all things Samsung. 


But we’re thinking more generally and outside of our Samsung branded hats, how does accessing online communities help your life?


  • Why do you use them? 
  • How do you choose them?
  • What do you expect from them?
  • What are your favourites? 

Connecting with a community of people who are engaged in the same interest, passion, or goal as you can be so incredibly powerful. The feeling of connectedness is imperative to our wellbeing as social beings; isolation can be so harmful to our mental health but on the flip side, connection can empower us to overcome adversities and achieve our goals.

Not a School

how does accessing online communities help your life? Phew! I was actually planning to respond to this one a lot earlier.... But life tends to get quite busy for me in september and calms down afterwards. 😅


I used to be very active with online communities with video games, and even led a few of them. Basically online communities allowed me to get the foundation of my IT-skillset and my administrative skillsets (Yep, I'm a bureaucrat :winking-face: ). That I'm using currently during my every day for my business and my work :smiling-face: If I didn't play games... And wouldn't be active on online communities I might as well be workless right now (OUGH!!!)


  • Why do you use them? I like meeting other people and learning. In case of the community I run myself I use it because it's part of my business ( :face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye: ). For other ones it's simply for fun and because I like to help people :smiling-face: My most important motivation is simply having fun 😁
  • How do you choose them? Usually I check for the culture around the community (how are people in general, are they helpful/nice, is the community friendly in general). Is there something I wish to do with them (Play together, discuss things, have fun). 
  • What do you expect from them? It depends. For my own company it's the SEO ranking it provides (Tons of unique content is something that google loves, and user generated content tends to be quite unique) and mouth to mouth advertisement. I overal expect people to be friendly and welcoming there 😊 . Plus I love it if people can appreciate the content they can find on my community! 

    From the perspective of a visitor I usually look for a friendly place with great people. And expect appreciation going both ways :smiling-face:  And I do always hope to learn something in the process (Learning is one of my major motivations in everything I do). 

    And in games I simply want a fun group to play a game with. :smiling-face: 
  • What are your favourites?
    Samsung ( 😋 )
    KPN (CM & MKB communities)
    My own (I'm not allowed to advertise here, so unless I will be granted explicit permission to share it I will not do it :smiling-face: