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Tips for interviewing remotely

Samsung Content Creator





It's clear that 2020 has turned more than a few things upside down, including the job market. As working from home was normalised and even surged in some areas, we've seen the proliferation of remote recruitment too. 


Whether you're searching for part-time work or looking to land your dream job, we've rounded up some simple tips that can help you to stand out and make an impression, even from your lounge!


1. Get the small things right

While it's natural – especially if a little nervous – to spend most of your time preparing for the interview itself, the importance of allocating time to logistical management cannot be overstated. Showing up on time and without technical glitches are easy wins, so be sure to double check the invite details (including time zone if applicable) and test your log-in details in advance to avoid unexpected delays. 


2. Double check your tech

Typically the hiring manager will host the call and select a platform, but do your part by ensuring your operating system is up-to-date and that you've downloaded or updated the correct app (likely Zoom, Skype, or Teams) in advance. You can even test the connection beforehand by calling a friend. On the day, make sure your computer or device is charged and plugged in and have your mobile to hand for emergency tethering in case your Wi-Fi suddenly drops out.


3. Keep up appearances

You might be sat in the only tidy corner of your very messy bedroom, but the interviewer doesn't need to know that. Find a location with good natural light and a neutral background, and keep the top of your screen at eye level if possible. Dress as you would for a presential meeting and check that the name and profile picture on your connection platform account are up-to-date and appropriate. 


4. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Aside from a few logistical differences, the interview itself will feel largely the same as a normal one. Research and revise as if you were meeting the recruiter in person, and honour familiar traditions like having hard copies of your CV and relevant documents, as well as a glass of water, at arm's reach. Put your most important questions and ideas (or even the interviewer's name!) on sticky notes around the screen so you can glance at them without looking down. 


5. Make eye contact

One challenge of remote work environments is the amount of non-verbal information that can be lost when not physically 'in the room' with colleagues or clients. No doubt you've heard that the majority of human communication is conveyed through alternative signifiers like body language, use of space and tone of voice. So when interviewing remotely, try to 'make eye contact' frequently by looking at the camera rather than the screen, sit up straight and use hand gestures to show active listening – you'll be more likely to make a connection this way. 


Have you attended or conducted a remote interview? Got any tips for Community readers? Tell us in the comments!

The Community Team  🤝


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