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Take food photos with Food Mode

Samsung Content Creator





Please Note: Availability of this hack may be affected by your device model or OS. 


Here on the Community we know there's nothing more disappointing than a photo that doesn't capture all the delectable details of a truly spectacular meal. We want our food photos to look good enough to eat! That's why Food Mode is great, offering live-edit options and automatic colour adjustment for that perfect shot. 


Whether you're a culinary master yourself or just great at choosing the best thing on the menu, you can use Food Mode to immortalise your favourite dishes. Just arrange your food, fine-tune the radial blur, snap your photo on your Galaxy device and get ready to share your delicious composition!


Here's how to set it up:

  1. With your device unlocked, launch the camera app
  2. Swipe through the camera options and tap MORE 
  3. You will see a variety of shooting options. Tap FOOD
  4. Position your meal in the centre of the frame. Food Mode will apply colour adjustments for you, but you can also take manual control by tapping the wheel-shaped colour temperature icon and moving the slider
  5. To blur the background, ensure Radial blur is on and tap the part of the image you want to keep in focus. The Radial blur icon is shaped like a teardrop
  6. Tap the white circle to take your photo and get ready to make your friends jealous!




Got something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

The Community Team  🤝


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