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Seoul Searching - Samsungs gameshow on TikTok!

Emmi S
Community Manager


seoul searching gameshow samsung tiktok.jpg

Did you know that Samsung is from South Korea? An identified challenge is that only 33% of Gen Z are aware that Samsung is South Korean. Yet, there is a hype around Korean popular culture and almost 40% state they would be positive to see Samsung integrating more of Korean culture in our communication.

And that is how Seoul Searching was born! Seoul Searching is a fun gameshow on TikTok where four influencers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland compete against each other and get to experience Korean culture enabled by Samsung products. The competition is now live on Samsung’s TikTok channels!

You can watch the Seoul Searching episodes here: (will soon be live)


Which country do you think will win? Let us know in the comments!

The Community Team  EmmiS_0-1666615975415.png


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