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Samsung Self-Repair programme

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The Samsung Self-Repair programme is now available for Sweden to help you extend the life of some of your Samsung products. It lets you repair out-of-warranty products yourself, including products such as the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S22.

How to use the Self-Repair programme

With the programme, you can get genuine spare parts for your devices, as well as a Self-Repair toolkit, which comes with everything you’ll need to make the repair. On the Self-Repair page, you’ll also be able to find guides with detailed instructions on how to carry out the repair.

This means that if your battery is starting to fail or your screen is broken, rather than recycling your phone and buying a new one, you can extend its life and keep using it! Extending the useful life of products is a key part of the circular economy, as it reduces the amount of e-waste that needs to be recycled.

Self-Repair app 

If you’re repairing one of the smartphones included in the Self-Repair programme, you can download the Self Repair app. This app will help you calibrate the items that you have repaired yourself, making sure that everything is working properly!

To download it, head to the Galaxy Store and search for “Self-repair Assistant”. Once you’ve found it, tap download. The app is only available on devices that can be repaired in the Self-Repair programme.

For more information about the Self-Repair programme, you can visit our dedicated page. 

Have you tried the Self-Repair programme? Let us know in the comments!

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