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Samsung's first SmartThings home – The tech enthusiast's dream!

Emmi S
Community Manager


samsung smartthings smart house.jpg

SmartThings house. Samsung Electronics has started a new collaboration with several actors to build a new, energy-smart and modern residential area in Brobyholm outside Stockholm. In total, up to 2,000 homes are to be completed and integrated with the latest smart home technology. The first display house is already open to visitors!

Samsung Electronics has together with the technology company ABB, the solar energy company SMA and the real estate company S. Property Group started a new housing investment in Brobyholm, just outside Stockholm. The house has a so-called "Smart Home Energy Management System", a technical solution that generates, streamlines and optimizes the home's energy. The plan is for all future homes to be able to offer the same smart home solution.

- We are happy to be able to present our plans for a new and smart housing project. Our goal is to offer a smarter and more environmentally conscious living experience that makes it easy for residents to manage and monitor their energy consumption, says Nathan Sheffield, European Head of IoT and SmartThings at Samsung Electronics.

samsung abb smart house.jpg

samsung abb smartthings house.jpg

Fully-equipped SmartThings home

Samsung will supply the housing project with several types of electronic products. It includes refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. All are compatible with the SmartThings Energy app, which allows the user to control, monitor and reduce their energy consumption in real time. Each house must also have solar cells installed on the roof and have its own energy storage system. This is developed by S. Property Group with the aim of maximizing the homes' energy efficiency.

samsung smart house.jpg

Up to 2,000 smart homes are to be built until 2028

SmartThings Energy has also been integrated with ABB's automation solution, ABB-free@home®, which allows homes to connect appliances and devices to a centralized system that automatically saves energy, time and costs in the household. The first 500 homes will be ready for occupancy in 2025 and by 2028 all 2,000 planned homes are expected to be completed.

Samsung has long worked with the development of energy-smart homes. Recently, the electronics company demonstrated a carbon-neutral home at the IFA technology fair in Berlin. In the future, Samsung plans to create more smart home solutions to be able to launch them in several markets around the world.


Would you like to live there? Let us know in the comments! 👇

/The Community Team


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