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Since it was started, hundreds of Samsung Community users have been using Photo Club on the Samsung Community. It’s a great place to discuss photography, get tips, and show off your best shots. Every day, dozens of amazing photos are uploaded to Galaxy Gallery. And it’s not just here; all over Europe Community users are sharing their photography skills.


To celebrate the talented photographers that we have on the Community, we’re starting a monthly celebration of the best photos from the Photo Clubs across Europe. Every month, we’ll share the best pictures uploaded to the Galaxy Galleries so that you can see the incredible photography skills we have on the Samsung Communities.


Below you can check out April’s top Galaxy Gallery photos from across Europe!



Think your photos have what it takes to make next month’s top photos? Head over to Galaxy Gallery and share your masterpiece!

Which photo is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

The Community Team Discover_0-1651757099842.png


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