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Next Level Support - Troubleshoot Through Video and Remote!

Emmi S
Community Manager



Samsung Support. Did you know that we have smart ways to troubleshoot your devices like TV and mobile? As technology advances, managing your Samsung devices becomes easier thanks to features like Visual Support and Remote Management for those of you that don't want to reach out by call, chat and email. Here’s everything you need to know about our support features!


Visual Support – let us help you through video chat!

Have you ever wished you could actually show what the issue is by video in real time, while talking to the agent? Visual Support is our latest support option, where you call our support and connect your phone, and then film your issue while speaking to our support agents. This way we can help validating a product issue and capture external damages on a TV screen, for examples. Smart huh?

 visual support washing machine.jpg

Remote Management – get help directly through your Samsung product

Samsung Remote Management is a built-in function in our TVs and mobile devices that enables you to manage and troubleshoot your Samsung devices remotely. Remote management is also available for home appliances and AC devices that are connected to SmartThings; whether you want to check the status of your refrigerator, adjust the temperature of your air conditioner, or see if your washing machine cycle is finished, Remote Management and SmartThings makes it possible.

You can also access Visual Support through the Members app > Support > Remote Management

 visual support phone.jpg

And of course, you can always reach us by a call, email and chat if you prefer that! Here you will find Support information in your language:

Sweden / Norway / Denmark / Finland


You are also welcome to chat in our Community and share your tips, tricks, hacks and thoughts here >>


/The Community Team 🤝