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Nature and Wildlife Photos with Telephoto Lens | Samsung

Emmi S
Community Manager



Photos taken by @vintergatan_photo and @karolbabinski 

Tutorial. Thanks to the new addition of the 3x and 10x cameras, your Galaxy S23 or S24 device is capable of animal and wildlife photography. Our community members have put our devices to test, and shares how to best take landscape photos with your Samsung device. This can be a great adventure during travels, but even during regular walks in the neighboring park! Here is how to do it:

Step by step:

  1. Head you to a location where you can find animals or interesting nature. It can be a local park, forest, or a nature reserve.
  2. Remember to be there in a decent lighting condition. You are about to use the longest telephoto camera on your device which works best when given good light.
  3. Keep you zoom level between 10-30x. Find an animal, mushroom, flower or other interesting subjects in the nature.
  4. Come close but not to close! You don’t want to disturb the animals.
  5. Try to fill the frame with your subject. At 10-30x zoom level it should be quite easy.
  6. Experiment with the composition. When using the telephoto cameras, the foreground and background will be compressed together. Small changes in the angle will affect the composition greatly. By using some foreground elements, like bushes or leaves, you can create very interesting depth in your photos, giving the 3D look!
  7. Take the picture and enjoy!

nature wildlife photos.jpg

Make sure to follow our community members for more amazing tips and tricks to take better photos. Are you going to try these tips next time you take landscape photos? Let us know in the comments and share these tips with your Samsung buddies! 👇

Instagram @vintergatanphotograph
Facebook @vintergatanphotography

Instagram @Babinskiphoto
Facebook @Babinskiphotography 

/The Community Team


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