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Introducing Product Mentions

Community Manager






Beyond the Newsroom, the Samsung Community is huge. The articles we post here are just the tip of a vast, user-generated iceberg of content. You can discuss all your favourite Samsung products; share tips and tricks; ask and answer questions; and compare experiences with other Samsung users.


Now we’ve added a new feature to make discussing Samsung products even easier: introducing Product Mentions!


With Product Mentions, any time you see a Samsung product mentioned in a post, you’ll be able to click on a link, which will take you to a Community page full of conversations about the product! Hovering your mouse over the Product Mentions will show you a product snippet containing an image, as well as the option to view the item in the Samsung Store.


So, how can you use Product Mentions? It’s super simple:


  1. Start by typing a hashtag before the product you want to mention in your message
  2. A search box will appear, where you can search for the products you want to talk about
  3. Simply select the product you want to mention and carry on with the rest of your message!



And what better products to launch this brand-new feature than the brand-new products announced at Unpacked August 2021? The first five products to get their own Product Mentions will be the Galaxy Z Flip3, the Galaxy Z Fold3, the Galaxy Buds2, the Galaxy Watch4, and the Galaxy Watch4 Classic. You’re probably buzzing to talk about these exciting new products, so be sure to try out the Product Mentions when you bring them up in conversations on the Community!


We’ll be adding more products to the Mentions in the future, so watch this space!


Have you tried out the new Product Mentions? Let us know in the comments!


The Community Team 🤝


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