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How to optimise Galaxy Book video calls

Community Manager


Video calls have become the norm over the past year and a half. We use them for work, online classes as well as staying in touch with family and friends. Video calls help us stay connected even when we can’t all be in the same place.


However, we all know what it’s like when someone arranges a video call you weren’t expecting. Perhaps you’ve just rolled out of bed and not had time to perfect your look, or maybe you’ve got a meeting you want to look good for. With the new Galaxy Book webcam settings and beauty filters, you can enhance your look at the click of a button.


Similarly, we’ve all had that awkward moment in the middle of a meeting when a parcel arrives, or you receive an important call on your mobile. The new Galaxy Book privacy settings allow you to continue with your video call while protecting your privacy at home.


Follow the tips below to learn how to use the Galaxy Book features to enhance your video calls:


Protecting your privacy during video calls

  1. Press Fn+F10 to activate Block Recording – this will disable your mic and camera. To turn Block Recording off, press Fn+F10 again
  2. To freeze your image during a call, select “Pause” on the toolbar and click again to resume


Enhancing your image through webcam settings

  1. Tap Video and select “Video quality enhancement” for better resolution on your camera
  2. Move the slider to adjust the brightness to suit your preference


Applying beauty filters to your picture

  1. Tap Settings to choose the options that best suit your face
  2. Select “Custom” to apply the adjustments, you can choose several beauty filters:
  • “Natural” provides a slight enhancement, maintaining a natural look
  • “Clean” removes shadows and blemishes
  • “Beautiful” provides full enhancement of all features
  • “Off” removes all filters from your picture


Do you have your own Hack that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!


The Community Team :handshake:


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