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Happy 54th Anniversary Samsung Electronics!

Daniel S
Samsung Content Creator


Samsung 54th Birthday.jpg

Can you believe it? Samsung Electronics is already 54, and we’ve come a long way from our roots in South Korea. Samsung Electric Industries was founded in 1969 by the Samsung Group (which started in 1938), and merged with Samsung Semiconductor & Communications in 1988 to form Samsung Electronics, the name which we all know today.

Samsung introduced its first TV in 1970 and has since expanded into various divisions, including mobile, home appliances, computing, and so much more. We are now a leader in the world of technology!

The Power of Community

As Samsung has prospered, our local communities have thrived alongside us. Our size and scale today allow us to make a positive impact in the communities we operate in. We believe that a better society starts with empowering the next generation. who are full of potential and passion for creating positive change.

🌟 Initiatives That Inspire Change 🌟

We're not just about words – we're about action. We've set up programs to educate and enable our youth, giving them the means and opportunities to build a brighter future. Our global programs are localised for each market in Europe, and the results are truly inspiring.

The Solve for Tomorrow and Innovation Campus initiatives are all about encouraging individuals to tackle their communities' biggest challenges using STEM, IT and soft skills. Solve for Tomorrow is a contest where the best ideas win funding and business industry mentorship to bring their concepts to life. Our aim for the Innovation Campus is to offer opportunities to unemployed and underprivileged youth, helping them develop their talents and skills.

Samsung Week

Every year, Samsung Electronics celebrates its success and connects with its global community during the much-anticipated "Samsung Week." This annual extravaganza is a showcase of the latest innovations and a platform for engaging with Samsung enthusiasts, partners, and customers worldwide.

One Community at a Time

Over 54 years, Samsung has witnessed remarkable growth, not only in technology but in the communities we touch. Our unwavering commitment to empower people worldwide is at the heart of our mission. 

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the world of tech and community impact! 💪🌐

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