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Discover the differences between Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra

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Smartphones, eBooks, wearables, PCs… There’s already a long list of vital tech that you need in your life. Adding a tablet to the lineup might seem a bit over the top, but they have a lot of benefits that will help make your life easier.

Tablets are a light, portable productivity and entertainment station. They’re also great companions for meetings when you want to take notes or give a presentation. It’s also super handy when you’re travelling: you can get connectivity almost anywhere, and you can also use it as an e-book or to watch a movie.

And if you’re going to get a tablet, you should get the best: the Samsung Galaxy S8 series.

This amazing series has different models: the Tab S8, the Tab S8+, and the Tab S8 Ultra. All three models come packed with incredible tech for you to find the perfect fit.

The main difference between each tablet is its screen size* with the Tab S8 Ultra being the largest, the S8 the smallest, and the S8+ in the middle.

Both battery capacity* and screen resolution increase along with the size, as does storage space. All three models have Dolby Atmos surround sound; this, combined with the Super Amoled screen on the S8+ and S8 Ultra, makes listening, gaming and watching experiences a pleasure. It’s the perfect portable entertainment system.

*Measured diagonally, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra's screen size is 14.6" in the full rectangle and 14.5", accounting for the rounded corners. Galaxy Tab S8+'s screen size is 12.4" in the full rectangle and 12.4" accounting for the rounded corners. Galaxy Tab S8's screen size is 11" in the full rectangle and 10.9" accounting for the rounded corners. Actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and the camera hole.
*Actual value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.

All three models have Wi-Fi only and 5G versions, as well as fingerprint scanning for sign-in and payments and possibility for superfast charging*. You can even powershare* from your tablet to your Samsung smartphone* if you’re on the go, using a Type-C cable (sold separately).
*45 W Super Fast charger required and sold separately.
*15W Fast Charging is supported when the Galaxy Tab S8 Series display is turned off and the battery level is at least 30%.
*15W Fast Charging from Galaxy Tab S8 Series is limited to Galaxy S22 Series, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A33 and Galaxy Tab S8 Series, using a Type-C cable.


All three models come with the S Pen, perfect for writing, drawing, and navigating, making your S8 experience even better.

Boost your productivity and multitasking by connecting your Tab S8 to a keyboard*, giving you a PC experience. It also doubles as a cover! And with Samsung DeX, you can easily create a desktop with multiple windows and use your tablet just like a PC.
* Book Cover Keyboard sold separately.


For more details and specifications about the tab S8-series, please visit our support pages:

Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Finland


So which Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect match for your lifestyle? Le us know in the comments below!


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