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Community Member @BigGaben: “I like to modify my tech products”

Emmi S
Community Manager


Let’s get to know our Samsung Community members a bit better! Lately our community user @BigGaben have been extra helpful sharing tips and tricks here with other community users and of course we want to know more about him!

BigGaben.jpgHow did you choose your nickname, what is the story behind it?
Haha it goes way back! My friends and me played a PC game many years ago and got smurf accounts. Gaben, the founder of a gaming platform we used, was and still is well known in the gaming community. We decided to all have nicknames with Gaben and a photo of him. I was interested in working out so I got the name BigGaben.

Who are you and what do you do in your daily life?
I’m a tech interested guy who lives in Stockholm, and studies electronics and computer technology. Before I worked as developer, but I wanted to change from working with software to hardware, hence the studies. In my free time, I like to work out in the gym!

How did you come to be passionate about technology, mobile phones and IT&C in general?
I have always had a big interest in tech! It started with gaming, PC and console gaming mostly. I was about to buy a new graphic card, and accidently bought a graphic card that could be overclocked, so it worked faster. So I started to explore that and overclocked my own computer. Then my interest was sparked and I started to modify more tech products and re-build hardware – and then it has escalated from there haha!

What Samsung products do you currently use, that have impressed you?
I’m mostly into phone devices – I have Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and like especially the great battery lifetime! The new processor, screen, camera and pen is also sweet, a perfect phone that fulfills all my needs.

I also have a G7 32” screen for coding and gaming, I like that it has higher resolution, curved and has good reviews. I like it for gaming too, although I don’t have as much time for it these days. I’m really happy with my T5 as well, an external hard drive with hardware encryption. Easy to bring with me!

What Samsung products would you like to try?
Samsung Galaxy Fold is interesting because of its big screen size and multi-tasking abilities, and the smaller screen that consumes less battery. In the future I think phones will be focused on screen innovation, better batteries, less screen time and that we will see less of the “basic” phone screens that are standard today.

How did you find out about Samsung Community and what made you active in the community?
I always do a so called bloat wear, check what apps I need and not, when I get a new device. So I went through all apps in my Galaxy S23 Ultra and decided to give the Samsung Members app a go, and discovered I could answer questions in the community, which was fun.

What are your top 3 favorite apps?
A app for safe passwords, a app to help me sleep better with light and sound effects and an app that helps me find things fast.

At last – do you have a fun, entertaining tip to share?
A phone do not just have to be a phone, there is more possibilities than just what you get in the package! I would suggest anyone interested to check out automation and programming to create your own functions in your device, for example your own notifications. Do more research on debugging and ADB (android debugging) if you are interested. Happy exploring!

We hope you found this fun and learned something new - please leave a comment and any questions below for @BigGaben! Maybe you are interested in what apps he recommends 😃

/Emmi from The Community Team


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