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Bridgerton presents the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+

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If you want to make a splash in society, you simply must know how to make an entrance. And there’s no one who knows this better than the characters of the hit Netflix show Bridgerton. After Daphne Bridgerton’s spectacular entrance at the debutantes’ ball, she becomes the talk of the town and the most eligible young woman in the country. So, who better to help Samsung’s latest smartphone make an entrance than Bridgerton’s queen of style (and literal Queen), Queen Charlotte?

At Galaxy Unpacked 2022, we were transported over 200 years into the past, to Queen Charlotte’s opulent palace, where a stream of inventors is hoping to wow the royal with their creations at the Inventors’ Ball. After Lord Macintosh fails to wow the Queen with his raincoat, Lord Tristar brings out his ground-breaking invention: the Samsung Galaxy S22. He then unveils an oil painting of the stunning new smartphone, giving the world its first glimpse of the brand-new device.

When Queen Charlotte asks him what it is, he answers that it is a correspondence device with a striking colour palette, which is capable of producing moving pictures, while its large sensor camera can capture exceptional night shots with image stabilisation and 30x zoom. The Queen asks for a closer look at the dazzling device. She asks for the paintings of the S22, in all its different colours, to be spun around her, showing off their iconic design, declaring this the best way to present “a machine of such art”.

When Queen Charlotte asks Lord Tristar when he intends to present the finished product to the court, he replies, “Shortly… about 210 years, your highness.” After a withering look from the Queen, he brings it down to just 209 years.

Fortunately for you, the long wait is over, and the amazing Galaxy S22 is now available to buy! Check out the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ on the Samsung Store , with online-exclusive colours!

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And if the Galaxy S22 presentation has whet your appetite for a little Regency era drama, you’re in luck! The second season of Bridgerton is out now on Netflix!

What did you think of Queen Charlotte’s presentation of the Galaxy S22? Let us know in the comments!

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