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6 tips: How to take photos of your pets | Samsung

Emmi S
Community Manager



Photos taken by @vintergatan_photo and @karolbabinski 

Tutorial. Elevate your photos or your cute dog, cat or any pet with these simple photo hacks! Thanks to the new addition of the 3x and 10x cameras, your Galaxy S23 or S24 device is capable of taking your photography to the next level. Our community members have put our devices to test, and shares how to best take photos of your pets with your Samsung device.

Here is how to do it:

1. Find a nice location. Choose your background looking as non distracting, consistent with the rest of the scene.

2. Choose time for the best lighting, usually best early morning or late afternoon. However, in winter, it might also be good around lunchtime if the sun is not high up.

3. Go down to the eye level of your pet. It is important to remember that we are much taller than our pets. Kneel down and get a better perspective. You can even use bushes or grass on the ground as a foreground.

4. Use portrait mode (3x is recommended). This mode allows you to compress the background objects. Also the camera app detects and blurs the background automatically, which makes your pets stand out.

5. Get your dog to be excited, hold a treat/toy to make them look at the camera.

6. You can use the object-eraser tool in the Gallery app for removing leash or harness:

7. Go to gallery app and find the picture:

  • Click on edit (the pencil button)
  • On the bottom symbols, click on the icon with 4 dots
  • Use object eraser to erase unwanted items in the image
  • Mark the object you want to erase and use the pen to make a precise selection

photo dogs pets.jpg

Make sure to follow our community members for more amazing tips and tricks to take better photos. Are you going to try these tips next time you take photos of your pets? Let us know in the comments and share these tips with your Samsung buddies! 👇

Instagram @vintergatanphotograph
Facebook @vintergatanphotography

Instagram @Babinskiphoto
Facebook @Babinskiphotography 

/The Community Team


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