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5 tips to Get You Through the last of the winter and ready for spring

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Winter brings a lot of great things: holidays, skiing, ice skating and hot cocoa. But the Nordic winter also brings much shorter, darker days and colder weather, making us spend more time indoors and less time in sunlight. This lack of sunlight can change our natural cycles, leading to what might feel like seasonal depression.

Hang in there; spring is almost here!

The days are finally getting longer and lighter, and temperatures are beginning to rise. With a few tips and strategies, we will get you through the last of the winter and help get the best version of you ready for springtime. Here are a few simple things you can do with your wellbeing in mind.

Get more sunlight
Feeling grey and gloomy? The winter blues can be caused by less exposure to daylight, so start by getting more sun!
It can be as simple as finding a spot in your home that gets plenty of natural light and positioning yourself there for a few hours a day. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing—working from home, picking up a hobby, or reading—as long as you’re getting some sunlight.


2 Find your happy place
By getting more daylight and improving your home you can create a space with positive energy.
Pick a room or a corner to make over by giving it a fresh coat of paint, decorating it with green, leafy plants or hanging something new on the wall.
By replacing the lights in your home with colour-changing smart bulbs and using your Galaxy device and the SmartThings app to control the luminescence and colours, you can create an atmosphere that works for you right from the palm of your hand.¹ ² 

More about how you can improve your home with the SmartThings app: Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Finland




 3 Create a good sleep routine
The lack of exposure to sunlight can affect your day rhythm, which plays an important role in controlling your sleep. Your sleep can suffer as a result of a bad day rhythm. By creating a good sleep routine and sticking to it, you can avoid this problem.
Getting about eight hours of sleep a night and turning in and waking up around the same time every day is essential, as well as doing some screenless activities before bedtime.

Reading, journaling, or meditating before turning in are great wind-down activities. Putting your Wireless Charger Trio in another room can reduce the temptation for a quick bedside scroll on your mobile devices.
Monitor several aspects of your sleep quality on your Galaxy Watch5. ³ ⁴ ⁵

Learn more about Galaxy Watch5 and its sleep tracker:  Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Finland


 4 Use physical activity to fight the winter blues
Physical activity helps to produce endorphins, which your body uses to fight laziness or sadness. A quick walk, a pilates session, or even 10 quick sit-ups can give you the rush of positive vibes you need to help you prevent giving in to your cravings such as candy or alcohol. Keeping your physical activity up when it’s so cold out can be tough, of course, so stay motivated by tracking your footsteps, body weight routines, or dozens of other workouts with the Galaxy Watch5 and the Samsung Health app.  Discuss and share your best tips on the Health Club Section on the Nordic Community. You can even create a fitness challenge for you and your friends!


5 Start or rediscover a hobby
During winter it’s especially important to do things we love to keep a positive mindset. What’s more, connecting with others is a great way to manage the winter blues, and many hobbies come preloaded with a whole community of people to meet, learn from, and talk to. For example, Penup, a digital art app for your Galaxy device, hosts monthly artistic challenges and has an active creative community to engage and share with.
You can also loop your friends in and start a new hobby via video chat online. Hands-free video calling on the Galaxy Z Flip4 with Galaxy Buds2 PRO is a great way to see each other’s faces while your hands are occupied sketching, knitting, gaming or baking.

Learn more about the Penup app: Sweden Denmark Norway Finland


For more inspiration, life hacks and entertainment visit our Explore section on

Sweden Denmark Norway Finland


  • ¹SmartThings compatible smart bulbs are required. Visit SmartThings website ( for more information.
  • ²To control other devices with Galaxy Z Fold4, all devices must be registered with SmartThings. Samsung Account log-in and data network connection (Wi-Fi or data network) required.
  • ³The Advanced Sleep feature is for fitness and wellness purposes only and not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, treatment of any medical condition or disease.
  • ⁴The measurements are for your personal reference only. Please consult a medical professional for advice.
  • ⁵The Galaxy Watch4 must be paired with Android 8.0+ and in close proximity on a stable surface to use sleep monitoring function.
  • ⁶Samsung Account log-in and data network connection (Wi-Fi or data network) required.


The Community Team  


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