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The Introduce Yourself Thread


Figured we should have a thread like this.


Hi all! I'm AntS. :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:


I've worked for Samsung since 2014: starting on t'phone in the frontline Mobile/Tablets Tech Support team, moving on to the Online Shop Support team, then to the Social Media team, where I spent most of my time...  and which is how I ended up here.


My hobbies include reading (I might be a bit of a bibliophile), writing, drawing/design, the odd bit of rambling with my Dad, and despairing at the state of modern football (apart from at Lionel Messi - whom I might have a little mancrush on...)


I'm a Fantasy, sci-fi, comic book, and Saturday-morning cartoon geek. Love stuff like Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Supernatural, Babylon 5. Big fan of Transformers - the original '80s Generation 1 stuff rather than Bayformers.


(LOL. And I love that RyanM's introduction thread for me was liked by someone called @Bangtidy1991. Oosh! :keithlemon: )

 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.

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I know it well! Spent many a happy day there.


Hi all,


I'm a new user - only really joined because I wanted to give some suggestions for improvements (which I've made on an ideas thread already).  Seems there is a thriving commuity here!


Glad to be a part of it! :smiling-face:


Hi @mi5ter_prof.


Glad to have you on board!

New Member
Hi guys just a wee msg to say hello to my fellow samsung buddies. I love all the above movies mentioned by AntS.
Welcome to the Community, @Chappers1. :smiling-face:


I am Ahmad and I am 18. I've been using Samsung decices ever since the Galaxy S2:)

Thank u.😁
Theresa edwards
Go raibh maith agat.😁
Theresa edwards



I am Dolf from The Netherlands.

My first phone was a Samsung Galaxy S2 (For months I doubted between Galaxy S and HTC Desire, until S2 came out). My second phone was Galaxy Note4.

My third phone is a Note9.


As a former software engineer, I am very picky about all sorts of issues concerning quality, performance and usability. Also, my Asperger Syndrome helps a lot :smiling-face:.


I have quite some experience with other brands too, because I am the repairman and point of contact for my circles, when it comes to technical stuff. And I read a lot of stuff. My focus is on UI, ergonomics and usability.


For me, Samsung is quite good at overall quality. In reviews a lot of things are not covered like:

- How robust is the charging port?

- How fast will the battery degrade?

- How much radiation does the phone have?

- How is performance in area's with low reception?

- How is call sound quality when using speaker?

- How good is GPS in bad whether or between high buildings?

Etc etc, just a few examples. Samsung does a good job on these kind of things. They really pay a lot of attention to all those many small details.


In the beginning I was no fan of Samsung software. But it's really improving. Just as an example: I cannot find any app on Play Store that can beat Samsung Gallery. And I have been trying for many hours. And of course, One UI beats Samsung Experience beats TouchWiz big time.


But.... there is also a lot of room for improvement! That's why I joined this community. Hoping that Samsung reads along and consider the critics and suggestions.


It's good to have you on board, @dolfff. We look forward to your contributions and expertise!

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