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How to get yourself a shiny new avatar

(Topic created on: 08-09-2016 10:01 AM)

Your avatar should reflect your personality, right?

If you're interested in changing the avatar you've been given by default, it's easy to do:


1.) Make sure you're logged in to the Community


2.) Click on your name next to the search bar and pick 'Profile' from the menu that appears 

profile menu.JPG


3.) On your profile page, click on the small edit icon next to your current avatar.

edit avatar.JPG


4.) Follow the steps to upload an image from your computer or to choose one you've previously uploaded. You'll be asked to create two different versions of the avatar by cropping or zooming in.


5.) If you're using a newly uploaded image, it will need to be approved by the Community team before it will appear. Please make sure your selection adheres to our Community Guidelines!


6.) That's it! Congratulations!