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Community Who's Who: Your Current UK & Ireland Community Moderating Team


Hi all,


Your currently active Samsung UK & Ireland Community (i.e. 'English' language board)  Moderators are:




Give any of them a shout if you need them - either with an '@'* tag in a public post; or by sending them a PM if you need to. :smiling-face:


Along with holidays etc. the Moderators operate on a varying shift pattern, so you'll see them at different times of the week - and they might not be able to immediately answer messages you send/address directly to them.


Of course me, and the various Community/Online Managers are around too. :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:


* '@' tagging other users is available to a Community user after they've posted a few times. 


Edit by AntS, 15th November 2019: Updating the list.

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