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Hi there,


Here at Samsung we are always very keen to get your feedback on anything you feel will help to improve our products and services. The Community is no exception.


In fact, given that the Community was designed to be driven by its users, it would be a little remiss if we didn’t look to feed your ideas directly into the Communities future development. 


I look forward to reading your comments and to working with you on shaping our Samsung Community.








Hey @Sharn, sorry to hear about your experience! What device are you referring to? Do you have a model number? Can you send us an image of the screen please?


Hi Lee I've dropped a clanger here

when I upgraded my device in Feb I registered a new Samsung account

so I had 2 not realising it would carry over so on the forum I have unbelievably missed that I am on twice but only just noticed due to it being moved up from first poster to apprentice.

Can not believe I didn't notice 

I think i had auto programmed my self you can only have one account.

Should I just stick to the main one I've been using and ignore the other one

or is their a way it can be deleted from the site without me losing info or data and without removing my Samsung account from every where else 



Hi @DRUIDDOODE. :smileyhappy:


The forum platform we're using doesn't allow merging or deleting accounts. We could ban/disable one of the forum accounts for you (and change its name if needs be), but I'd advise against that as you never know if you might need it - so just stick to the main one you've been using.


LOL. And no worries: we all have "D'oh!" moments, along with the "Eureka!" ones. :smileyvery-happy: :smileywink: :smileyhappy:

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New Member
Hi how can I reset my pin no when logged out Cant remember pin

Hello and welcome @Cmag!


The best place to post your query would be on the Smartphones, Tablets and Wearables board here.

First Poster
Lee, I am desperate to find an email address for the head of the UK business. I have had an awful experience and I just want to write to a person. How can I find this out...?

Hi @LH1


We're unable to give out employee contact details on here, but if you get in touch with one of Samsung's Support teams they'll be able to forward any issues to the relevant people.


I hope that whatever happened it gets sorted out for you. :smileysad: :smileyhappy:

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Dear Lee


I would like to post a message about watch faces  on this forum. But

I am not able to.


How do i post a message?

Henk van Antwerpen

Hi @Watchfaces. :robothappy:


My post here shows how you can post a new thread. Watch faces will fall under the Wearable category, so that's the best label to use when making the post, and the best place to post it would on the Smartphones, Tablets & Wearables board.


Let me know if you're having specific issues or error messages (and what they are) when trying to post though. 

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Thank You!

Henk van Antwerpen
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