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Community Feedback

(Topic created on: 11-01-2017 07:06 AM)


Hi there,


Here at Samsung we are always very keen to get your feedback on anything you feel will help to improve our products and services. The Community is no exception.


In fact, given that the Community was designed to be driven by its users, it would be a little remiss if we didn’t look to feed your ideas directly into the Communities future development. 


I look forward to reading your comments and to working with you on shaping our Samsung Community.







First Poster
Thanx Lee for your welcome!
My question is, who initiates the topics?
Coupled with, how can users create a topic?
Hi AngryBiro,

Anyone who has signed into the community can ask a question, provide an answer or just start a conversation. Sometimes it is just better to talk things through, to share experience and hopefully help each other to get the most out of your tech.

If you click through to any of the categories (Smartphones, TV etc.) you should see an option to 'Start a topic'. It really is as easy as that.

See you in the Community.

First Poster

Hi Lee,


Just joined this community as I've quite a bit of Samsung tech.


Does anyone from Samsung (Technical or otherwise) monitor and contribute to this community?


Just having a quick look as some questions raised (R6/R7 Speaker issue) and the poor guy didn't get any response after 3 weeks. If this community relies soley on peopel with new hardware they're having issues with, it won't gain much traction.


I hope this forum does expand, but may needs some technical assistance from Samsung.


For info, I too have a queries regarding my R7 Speakers that I'm having issues with !


Many Thanks,



I just logged into this community and as I've recently bought a Gear S3 I really would like to be able to just browse a section which covers all post related to that product - or at least just wearables. However the only relevant section covers "Smartphones, Tablets & Wearables"! Come on Samsung that's far too broad. I've no problem with that being the top-level section, but you need to then sub-divide it into further sections. Plenty other forums work this way - why can't yours? Until you make your community better designed I can't see many usesr interacting with it.

Helping Hand

Was asked to give feedback on forum layout:

My views, each members reply box is far too big, a normal forum layout should be like this

People are going to struggle to work out how to post, how to find threads, and IMO it's just too clunky, it doesn't look like a community, it looks like a FAQ section at the bottom of a product page

If you want this place to thrive, you need to use a proper board like IPB or vBulletin

I can't even work out how to reply to a thread without directly replying to the last poster, And clicking reply to someones post that is not the last post, does not appear to have a 'quote' option, so replies don't make sense

Ability to add images?
I've been a member of and staff on many forums for over a decade, they are difficult to keep active and full at the best of times, so they need to be familiar, not awkward, that's how I would describe this forum, awkward

Hope I wasn't too blunt, but was asked to give feedback, so did so honestly :smiling-face:



So before going to layout let's do the bugs I noticed. 



Touching the input frame (when virtual keyboard is not active yet) takes me to the bottom of page (opposite to the pressing little arrow button from build in android browser which takes me to the top). To actually start typing I have to hold on input (reply, post ) frame in the same way I would try to paste cut copy. Only then keyboard appears letting me to type.



Every time I log in (to reply via link from email app) it's asking me for password even as I mark it every time to remember password.  Even when using Samsung Pass to remember password and use biometrics it won't remember it. With Samsung pass it simply say password or login is incorrect.

So i have to cancel Samsung pass and type it in manually. 


3. Touching anywhere on screen when typing (like typing a reply) apart from keyboard does...  tekes me down to the bottom of page. Looks like my post just dissapearred. But it's still there higher on page. If user does not realize that he could simply click back button or refresh. And his all post would be gone. Would have to start typing again from beginning. 


Now let's look at the layout. 

Here it looks for me more like an app not like a forum.

In my opinion layout should show user all topics threads without having to click through menus and menus.

Sort of like a frames layout 

Good example of layout is Skype app. Where left side is sliding menu. 

Simply many people would like forums like with layout I tested myself recently (it's just an empty board but shows good fast layout)


Dave-S7 - Your responses are spot on in so many ways. How Samsung seriously expect this "community" to take off as it stands is beyond me. See for an example of how to do it properly. That's already got 5 sub-sections and all are thriving with regular posts and responses. What I belive MOST needed and wanted is a forum where Samsung technicians (or suitably qualified/connected Samsung customer service people) will respond with answers to requests for help, reporting of bugs etc. If you can provided that, and with quick responses, then this community just might be taken seriously, but as it stands it looks like you are just paying lip service to your customers by providing such an awfully designed forum.

Please! Change the design! It's so hard to navigate. Make it simple, like forums, on phone it's even worst. Make it compact, use all free space. The replays from left to rigth are verry annying. Too much padding, too hard to use it.
Samsung Galaxy Beta tester
All fantastic feedback, thank you.

Although we had a clear plan for the Community before launch, we were also very clear that it's future would largely be shaped by it's members. We didn't want to do too much development before launch or present you all with a fait accompli.

This really is just the start.

The platform is the same as many established and incredibly successful communities. It has plenty of flexibility and loads of room for development. This, coupled with your feedback, should allow us to move through the gears as more members join and the content grows.

Although we will not be able to implement every suggestion or request, we will absolutely read and consider them. As long as an idea is technically possible and makes sense for the majority, it will be on the table.

In the meantime, please keep your ideas and suggestions coming. We literally can't get enough feedback.