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you're galaxy store is the world's worst services

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You have the *****est services I was supposed to be hearing from the manager for an app that had conned me out of money they blocked my game and tried to say I had cheated and I know i haven't i showed all the screenshot necessary and you app store customer support cant do no help either your a wast of an app and i want my money back im never using you *****ty galaxy store again coz im still waiting to hear from the manager a week later its ridiculous that I have to put it up here and 4 time I had to mail 1:1 to get the same response you dont deserve to have a galaxy store sevice what a waste of my time


Hey @Bigben24 ,


I'm unsure what app you are referring to and I would be happy to help if you provide me with more information:


-What app is this referring to and what seems to be the issue?

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