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wifi ssid and special characters

(Topic created on: 05-04-2021 12:43 PM)
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My Smartthings app will not connect my Samsung Q90R soundbar to my cloud account.  My wifi SSID has a hyphen in it (it's BT, so all network SSIDs contain hyphens) and I have read several people say that the Smartthings app will not connect a device to a wifi SSID containing special characters like "-" or "@".

Can anyone at Samsung please confirm if that is still the case and if so WTF!!!  In this day and age everyone is encouraged to use special characters for security purposes so Samsung, please tell me that this connectivity issue is not being caused by an inability to recognise special characters?  If it is, please tell me what the fix is without having to rename my SSID.

(NB: I changed my SSID temporarily to remove the hyphen and Smartthings app connected to my cloud account just fine.  I changed the SSID back again and no connection. I have 30 devices connected to my router so it is not an option for me to change the SSID permanently and have to reconfigure every single smart home device in my house.)