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Widgets/x icon changer

(Topic created on: 02/01/21 18:33)
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Hi all

Wondering if anyone can help. I recently got the Samsung s20+ and changed providers. Before my numbers had switched over I downloaded x icon changer and used it to completely customise my home screen and I loved it! A couple of days later my number had switched over and I then transferred the photos and contacts etc from my S10 to my new phone. Once I had transferred everything, my newly created home screen had totally vanished and my phone reverted itself to the default theme. Now when I try to drag x icon changer to the home screen, it doesn't let me do it and appears to be locked along with all of the other widgets. Instead it comes up with the option to 'add' so when you click on that, it only let's me change the icons for built in apps instead of downloaded apps from the play store. I know this is long winded and I'm not sure if it will make sense to anyone but posting here in the hope that someone can help! :smiling-face:

Thank you!